Digital Bookmark: Notes from digital inclusion research (and the day job).

This post also appeared as part of an SCVO publication. The last weeks have been pretty immersive (read: chaotic). With Mhor Collective, One Digital and SCVO, we’ve been working with some fantastic third sector organisations to understand the challenges they face when addressing issues of digital inclusion, and- hopefully- work with them towards some solutions.… Read More Digital Bookmark: Notes from digital inclusion research (and the day job).

Power, People and Technology

The publication of  doteveryone’s fantastic 2018 Digital Understanding Report is of particular interest, highlighting that ‘Digital understanding is not about being able to code, it’s about being able to cope. It is about adapting to, questioning and shaping the way technologies are changing the world.’ The report sets out a definition of digital understanding as a separate from… Read More Power, People and Technology

#BarrioEdProj : Digital Participatory Action Research

In starting to think about a participatory action research approach to learn more about the impact of digital skills intervention, I came across an article by Edwin Mayorga (Mayorga, 2014) reflecting specifically on a digital critical participatory action project, within a cultural context of ‘racial capitalism’ (Mayorga, 2014/ Melamed, 2011). Mayorga intended for this project… Read More #BarrioEdProj : Digital Participatory Action Research